Wendy Carter has been associated with the Mrs. International® family since 2000 when she competed for the Title of Mrs. Utah International, placing first runner-up. She was drawn to this particular system because of its promotion of commitment to marriage, traditional family values, and community service, all of which she is very passionate about. Competing again in 2001 she won the Title and has continued to be involved in the International family since then. Her platform, “The Magnitude of Mentoring” has been the perfect springboard to help her forward the cause of mentoring among youth throughout her community. Encouraging her daughter, McKayla Carter, to set and achieve some of her personal goals, she was able to see her crowned Miss Teen Utah International 2004. Wendy then took on the Directorship so that she can continue mentoring young ladies throughout the state of Utah, encouraging them to set and achieve their personal goals by striving to reach their full potential. Wendy and her husband Mike have been married for 17 years and have four children.

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