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Former Miss Teen International - Jules Fletcher

When I say I am an Arkansan, it is said with nothing but pride. I can remember running around as a small girl wearing a Razorback cheerleading uniform while calling the hogs. I was born and raised in a small town in the northeast corner of Arkansas. I am currently a Junior at Lee Academy where I am a cheerleader, track team manager, and honor student. Jules is just a nickname, my full name is Juliana Catherine Fletcher after my Great Great Grandmother who sailed to the United States from Austria-Hungary when she was a child. Friends and family call me "Julesy" from time to time. I was born April 20th, 1999, several years after my big brother Klint, who does not have a "How'd you get your name?" story as cool as mine, but my mom did name him after Clint Eastwood. Klint recently graduated from Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. He has applied to graduate schools across the nation hoping to obtain a doctorate in History to become a college History Professor. I find this a coincidince because I am quite the "history buff' as well. My mother, Sonya, is retired from sales and enjoys being a stay at home mom, cleaning, cooking, and hanging out by the pool. She defintely deserves her lazy days every once in a while seeing that she began working as a cashier at the age of 15, but I keep her busy. As for my dad, Brice, he began his banking career right out of college. Although he started working at the bank while a college student in the summer and did everything from filing checks to painting parking lots, he worked hard to obtain his current position as CEO. We are also the proud owners of an adorable one-year-old Cocker Spaniel named Charelston, also known as Charles, Charlie, or Chuck.
You might think of me as an average pageant girl, but I am a true southern girl. I actually live on the farm that my Great Great Grandfather founded in 1891. Although now, the homes of the workers, barn, and restaurant have been torn down, I love driving down the gravel road and imagining what life was like back then. It has always been a fantasy of mine to travel back to each decade and experience mainstream life for a week. I love hearing countless stories from my Grandmother, or as I call her "Meme," about all of the times she had as a kid on the farm. Visiting with her almost every day of the week is a Grandaughter's dream. I believe I inherited Meme's love of horses at a very young age. After hearing her stories and spending spring breaks on my Grandmaw Susan's ranch in Tennessee, I am now a horse trainer at a local Missouri Fox Trotter breeding stable in the summer.
Growing up twelve years younger than my brother I got "bullied" quite often. Klint would pick me up by my ears, swing me around, throw me out of his room, but that is just a sibling's way of showing their love. Now that I have gotten too big to bully, when my brother comes home he gives me a great big hug, brings the best board games for us to play, and throws a History lecture into his visit (I always find them very interesting.) He married the love of his life, Mallory. She is amazing and we all love her. I love finally having a sister, and what a sister she is! She makes me gourmet cupcakes and crochets me toboggans and
One great thing our family does during bonding time is watch old movies. My mom introduced me to "It's a Wonderful Life" when I was very young and I have loved old movies ever since. "Holiday Inn" has been another one of my Christmas time favorites for as long as I can remember. I start my day every morning by watching "I Love Lucy" reruns on the Hallmark channel with a cup of coffee. My family also loves lake vacations. I started jumping off cliffs at the age of two, and have learned to water ski, knee board, and wake board, but my favorite lake activity is tubing with my friends.
I began gymnastics when I was three years old and switched to a competitive cheer team at age six. The commitments I have made to my teams have helped me learn the importance of discipline, determination, and sisterhoods. Although I am not currently a member of a competitive team I do enjoy cheering on my high school squad. We competed last year and won the MAIS 2A Championship.
As the years have gone by, more and more organizations have become a part of my life. For as long as I can remember I have had a heart for servive. Volunteering has been a lifestyle for my family and me. I am currently a member of the Youth Advisory Council, Assistant Treasurer of my high school sorority Delta Beta Sigma, a member of our school's community service group, and an ambassador for Ronald McDonald House Charities. Each one of these groups mean so much to me and are what inspired my platform "Make Your Mark Through Community Service."
I try to avoid roller coasters and rides at all costs. Our vacations usually consists of plays and shows, as well as a little bit of shopping, and my favorite thing "sight seeing" to fulfill my love of history. I am also the world's biggest chicken! I will not watch a horror film of any kind and I will never step foot into a haunted house. Halloween time is once again, a great time for old movies and good food.
As Miss Teen Intenational I look forward to a great year full of adventures and opportunities I have only ever dreamed of, as well as new friendships and new outlets for community service. I know together we can be the change we wish to see in the world! "Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says "I'm Possible." - Audrey Hepburn