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Director: Berneé Thurow

The 2016 Miss Teen Arkansas International Pageant
will be April 22 - 24, 2016 at Maumelle High School Performing Arts Center in Maumelle, Arkansas, please contact Bernee Thurow for more information. Accepting applications for the 2016 pageant.
Who is your State Director?
Bernee Thurow has a Bachelors degree in Public Relations from Arkansas State University and is the owner of Crown Image Productions, Inc. which produces, pageants, special events and television shows. In conjunction with her duties as Executive Director of the Mrs. Arkansas International, Miss Arkansas International and Miss Teen Arkansas International competitions, she is an advocate for the American Cancer Society and a two time Cancer survivor. A director with the International system for 22 years and a National staff member since 1991 she received the Director of the Year award for the Mrs. and Miss pageants. She has been a member of the pageant industry for over 35 years as a contestant, judge, coach and director. She competed in the Mrs. International pageant in 1990 and represented North Carolina. Bernee was selected as a Flight Attendant for Piedmont/USAirways in 1982 and has worked in interior and holiday design since 2001.
" Why am I a Director?"
"Being a part of my contestants lives has always been something that is so special. I know that God's plan for me is to be a director and work with so many amazing women.
To the Mrs. delegates and titleholders, I am honored to be a strong women with integrity that you trust. Thank you for sharing your life stories, your commitment to your families, marriage and your platforms.
The Teen and Miss pageants brought me the children I was not able to have. I am hopeful I help give them direction and pride in who they are as women. To always look forward and never look back with regret. I tell them they deserve the very best and so much more. I truly feel they are a blessing to me. To the women that I have met and those that I am looking forward to meeting, you make a difference in my life. I believe the lives that I have changedbecause of this pageant will be my legacy."
To be a part of this pageant is not something to take lightly. It is something that will change your life forever. I challenge you to take that first step and then hold on because it will be an incredible experience.
Bernee Thurow

Phone: 501-690-2158