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Mariah Vaiciunas

Congratulations to Mariah Renee Vaiciunas ~ Miss Teen Mississippi International 2008!!!


Mariah is 15 yrs old and attends South Jones in Ellisville, MS She has been honored to be elected as a member of the Homecoming Court for the past four years.  She is also a member of the All Superior Rated Chorus group.


Being very active, Mariah enjoys competition skateboarding As a member of a Christian skate team, Raptures of Ellisville, MS.  She also enjoys horseback riding, twirling, dancing, riding dirt bikes and spending summers at the beach with her father & step-mother in Florida.


Her future plans include a double career doing things she loves. She plans To model while she earns her doctrine in marine biology which she hopes to use To work with dolphins.


In choosing her platform, Mariah wanted something where she could Make a positive impact in the future. Believing that todays youth are tomorrows Future, she choose Teenage Abstinence. Her goal is to reach out to as many of Her peers as she can. She hopes to educate and provide as much information as possible
To help other  teenagers when they have to make choices regarding their futures.  Raising awareness that they do have choices.
That they dont have to say No  ~  They can just as easily make the commitment and say Yes  ~  Yes to Abstinence  ~  And Yes to a better planned positive future!


If interested in more information regarding sponsorship or to request a possible appearance by Mariah please email or call her message line at 601-319-1520.