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Miss Teen Alabama International®

Laura McKenny - 1st Runner-Up - Evening Gown

1.What is the funniest thing you believed as a child?
Laughter! Its the best recipe for a good day and the best medicine for a bad one!

2.What is the one talent you wish you had?
There is one talent my whole family and I can agree I need: to be able to cook! I dont think cookies are supposed to be burnt every time they come out of the oven!

3.Other than your family, who is your biggest supporter?
I always encourage others! Whether I am in the game or on the sidelines, it is important to cheer others on and to remind them to never give up!

4.What is the best costume you’ve ever worn for Halloween?
We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. Fortunately, however, we are not our mistakes! It is important that we forgive ourselves of our mistakes, learn from our errors, and move on!

5.What song makes you 100% of the time want to dance?
My favorite food is definitely ice cream. Whether its a beautiful Alabama summer day or a slightly chilly winter night, if there is ice cream to be foundIll eat it!

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