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Cailyn Connelly

What makes you laugh the most?
My favorite item of makeup is setting spray. It completes the look and ensures my makeup is long-lasting, giving me the confidence to go through the day stress-free and ready to overcome obstacles. I just love the symbolism of it really. Having one product that can complete an entire look, just like a pair of earrings or a bracelet. Items that bring everything together and make it complete.

Are you a clean or messy person?
I would want to look like the supermodel, Adriana Lima. I think she's absolutely beautiful inside and out, and radiates confidence. Being a model, I look to other models for inspiration, and she definitely inspires me. I hope to meet her one day and tell her how much I look up to her as an empowering women.

What is your strangest fear?
I am motivated by a lot of things in life, but one thing in particular that motivates me is the outcome of a situation. Knowing there's an outcome to everything, whether good or bad, helps me to focus and work hard, to do my part. Of course, I always strive for a good outcome, but the bad also teaches me so much, so I'm thankful to experience both!

What’ s the best Topping/Ice Cream combination?
A perfect Saturday for me would start with sleeping in after a long week of modeling, volunteering, and school work. Then a shopping spree to look for new clothes for appearances and photo shoots. I love going to different stores to find a variety of looks. Being in the fashion industry, my style is always changing and I feel like I have a different kind of look ever week!


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