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Jazmine Alessio - Top 10

People's Choice Award

What makes you laugh the most?
Throughout the last 2 years I have suffered bad skin breakouts and its always nice to be able to cover them up quick and easy. My favourite item of makeup would have to be concealer, especially the Tarte, Shape Tape Concealer because its simply and easy to use. Its also a higher coverage concealer which means it covers up my acne without putting on a full face a makeup.

Are you a clean or messy person?
If I could look like someone famous from the inside and out, I would choose singer/songwriter, Delta Goodrem. Delta Goodrem has inspired me so much throughout my adolescence years. She is a strong women who is both beautiful on the outside and inside. Delta Goodrem has faced and overcome many difficult life challenges especially from a young age. Delta has also become an ambassador for many different charities.

What is your strangest fear?
Like many, I have been confronted by negative people who tell me Im not good enough and I cant achieve something. Their hatred and negativity motivates me too not only prove them wrong but to achieve my own personal goals that I have set for myself. This especially goes for my platform, The Heart Foundation. When I am told that I cant encourage individuals to obtain a healthy lifestyle to minimize the risk of heart disease, it motivates me so much more because I dont want Individuals to go through the loss of a family member like I did.

What’ s the best Topping/Ice Cream combination?
A favourite Saturday for me happened recently. While travelling around Europe, my family and I went to Amsterdam. My Mum is Dutch and after so many years she reconnected with her family. The reason why its my favourite Saturday is because I finally got to meet them as well. My Mum would always talk about the, and to finally put a name to a face and see them face to face was really exciting for me.


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