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Alisa Milchevskaya

I have moved from Russia to England in 2003, when I was 10. During my first year in England I found it very hard to associate with the new culture, I was bullied in school: no one tried to understand me, and students were making fun of my accent and background. Therefore I did not have any friends: during lunch breaks I was walking around the school on my own hoping that the bell will go any second. It was breaking my heart and it made me realize that nobody should be judged and treated by their background, looks, language or culture. That is the reason why I want to help others who are new to a country to associate with the culture, people, make friends and build confidence. I would like to have an opportunity to visit schools and tell children that racial and cultural bullying is wrong. I would also like to build a web-site promoting cultural equality among children all over the world.


One of the things that helped me the most was drama: I have been involved in many school productions including: Guys and Dolls; Musicals Night; Coming of Age; Stars in Their Eyes and Songs from Movies. I think that involving foreign children in school life and such activities as drama or sports would help them to gain confidence.


In my free time I like skateboarding, skiing, ice skating, roller-blading, art and drama. I also take guitar lessons.  I have received 4 commendations in Art and I have been placed on a register for students "Gifted and Talented in Art".  In a long-term career, I would like to try myself in either acting and modeling or design.