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Michelle Smith


Michelle is a 16-year-old honor student at Scarborough High School.  She enjoys downhill skiing, scrap booking, sewing, fishing with her Daddy, and spending time with her family and friends.  As a member of Key Club International, Michelle received their 2007 Distinguished Service Award.


As a teen living with the Marfan syndrome, Michelle promotes Marfan awareness through her personal campaign, Hands Saving Hearts.  Her campaign helps people recognize the most common physical characteristics of those affected with the Marfan syndrome. 


Michelle is a member of the Teen Steering Committee for the 2008 NMF International Conference, provides teen support services through the NMFs teen web link, and does several public relation appearances throughout the year for the foundation.  In 2006 Michelle was named NMFs youngest recipient of their distinguished Silver Service Award and was given their Kids with a Heart Award in 2007.  Michelle was chosen by NMF in July of 2007 to be interviewed by Fox News and was featured in their fall 2007 news letter, Connective Issues.


Standing a statuesque 6 tall, Michelle believes that she is a walking, talking billboard for young girls who feel pressured to fit-in; that often, being different, is the better route.  She states:  My medical condition does not define me.  MFS is simply a genetically influenced characteristic, like my brown hair and hazel eyes.  What defines me is how I choose to live my life.