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Riley Wharton

Riley is a junior and an honors student currently at Glenbrook South High School. Along with her demanding academic schedule, Riley is on the executive board of Key Club, a Kiawanis student organization, and serves as an event planner, organizing many numerous club activities. She is also a member of the Titan Poms, a nationally ranked Varsity dance team.  For the past five years, Riley has been a volunteer at her local public library. She has always appreciated her education and the opportunities she has had through school. Choosing UNICEF Voices of Youth program as her platform was a match for her lifestyle and gratitude.   The UNICEF Voices of Youth program works to ensure education and rights for children throughout the world.  Riley believes that by raising awareness for the program she will be able to make a difference in the lives of children less fortunate than herself. She is currently planning three fundraisers for UNICEF in her community.

A positive attitude and perseverance are Rileys strengths. She enjoys spending time with her family, ice skating, dancing and reading.