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Miss Teen Nevada International®

Audrey Denison - Top Ten

People's Choice Award

1.What is your favorite food and why?
My favorite word is hope! Hope helps us believe that what we are seeking is right around the corner if we keep moving forward. Any girl with big dreams must have hope!

2.What according to you is a perfect date?
I think the most beautiful thing a person can do is smile and laugh. You can fill a room with beautiful girls, but a girl that radiates happiness and confidence from within will truly stand out. After all a smile is contagious!

3.How do you like to spend your weekend?
I take most pride in being myself because life is too short to pretend you are someone you are not. Teenage girls face a lot of pressure from society to try to maintain a certain image; however, it is so important not to miss out on just being you!

4.When was the last time you went shopping and where to?
My favorite day of the week is Sunday! I have a very large family, so it is sometimes hard to ensure that we are all together. On Sundays we go to church with friends and as a family, so Sunday is very special to me.

5.Do you think make-up is important and why?
My good luck charm is a heart shaped purity ring my parents gave me when I turned thirteen. I never take it off, and it constantly reminds me who I am and what I stand for! You can guarantee I have worn it at every pageant!