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Miss Teen Texas International®

Dymond Hayes

People's Choice Award

1.What is your favorite food and why?
Giving is my favorite word because it has a profound reciprocal effect. When you open your heart and give to others you receive as much or more as you have given! It is through giving that we learn about ourselves, help others, and leave our footprints on the world.

2.What according to you is a perfect date?
Confidence is the best beauty secret! When you can easily and genuinely interact with people from different walks of life your true inner beauty will show. People may look pretty on the outside but its the ability to be confident with others that creates true beauty.

3.How do you like to spend your weekend?
I am most proud of the hours I have dedicated in the fight against breast cancer. The money I raise strengthens cancer research, develops early detection tools and treatments, and improves cancer care. The time I donate erases the pain on a patients face and replaces it with a smile.

4.When was the last time you went shopping and where to?
Wednesday, because its the middle of the week. I celebrate the accomplishments of the first half and look forward to the challenges/rewards upcoming. When youre in the middle you have the ability to analyze where you are and course correct if necessary, making the day extremely exciting.

5.Do you think make-up is important and why?
I believe hard work, determination, and faith in God allows you to accomplish your dreams therefore, I dont have a good luck charm. I dream big, work hard, and put the rest in Gods hands. Whatever happens after that Im okay with because its part of the masters plan!