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The Accomplishments
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Teens ®

Miss Teen Arizona International®

Emily Johnson

People's Choice Award

1.What is your favorite food and why?
Relax. We get so caught up with work, school, and other commitments that many times we forget to take a breather and simply relax and enjoy life.

2.What according to you is a perfect date?
Staying fit and eating right is the most important thing. It will not only make you look great on the outside, but will also make you feel healthy and great on the inside! I've also just started using mineral makeup and it does wonders for your skin!

3.How do you like to spend your weekend?
Being one of two finalists who received a $1,000 service initiative grant and competing in NSCS's "The Engaging Race" for a $15,000 service grant! It allows me to continue my Warming Hearts project and ultimately continue sharing my platform.

4.When was the last time you went shopping and where to?
Friday! It's the beginning of the weekend and time to let loose and enjoy spending time with friends and family.

5.Do you think make-up is important and why?
I've never been one for good luck charms, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason. With perseverance, passion, and strong commitment you can achieve anything.