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Adrionna Sherwood

What Superhero would you like to be and why?
Although Sha-Bam may be weird to others it is my favorite word. Sha-Bam is a little word that has become an everyday part of what I do to me it means happiness. When I won Miss Teen NY International 2010 it was a Sha-Bam moment.

What according to you is a true friend?
I base my beauty on the saying "less is more". I am very natural and wear little to no makeup. To keep my hair from getting frizzy, I put lotion on the ends and let it air dry.

How do you handle criticism?
I take the most pride in my 4-H career and leadership. I started in 4-H as a member selling cookies and doing litter plucks. Now I have established amazing leadership skills and am an advocate for all 4-H teens in Sullivan County.

When was the last time you tried something new?
Sunday or family day is the best day of the week. I can relax and lock everything away. I get to spend time with my family and friends and be me without being judged.

Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?
I do not have a certain good luck charm. I believe if you do your best, you can do anything. You could say my family is my good luck charm because without them I would not be as good as I am.