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Miss Teen South Carolina International®

Avery Close

1.What is the funniest thing you believed as a child?
My favorite time of the year is the fall. Bright autumn leaves and crisp air are just two of the traits that I love during this season. Not only do I think it is a beautiful time of year, but fall also brings my birthday and my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

2.What is the one talent you wish you had?
Many people do not know that I am a year younger than others in my grade. At times, it can be discouraging to be in Honors and college level classes with other students a year older than me, but the constant challenge is what keeps me motivated.

3.Other than your family, who is your biggest supporter?
Hospitality and kindness are just two traits that Fort Mill, SC was established upon in 1873. Homegrown fruits and local gatherings are my favorite qualities of this town. Im proud to be in the fourth generation of my family to have had privilege of growing up in this remarkable community.

4.What is the best costume you’ve ever worn for Halloween?
My worst habit is being indecisive. When faced with making decisions quickly, such as my attire for the day, I often find it difficult to come to a conclusion. However, I am very determined after making large decisions, such as deciding to compete in the Miss Teen International® Pageant.

5.What song makes you 100% of the time want to dance?
Out of all the places in the world, Italy would be my primary choice. Italy is a country where some of the most beautiful artwork in the world was created and still exists. Being someone who enjoys both art and history, Italy is a place I know I would adore.

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