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Miss Teen Virginia International®

Jurnee Carr - Miss Teen International® 2011 - Photogenic Winner

1.What is the funniest thing you remember as a child?
The end of summer. The weather isn’t blazing hot or blistering cold. It’s the best time of year for my go-to fashion: t-shirt, jeans and flip-flops!

2.What is the one piece of clothing you wish you owned?
Five to seven million dogs and cats enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Approximately three to four million of these are euthanized. That's over half. Please, adopt from a shelter and save a life.

3.What season of the year is your favorite and why?
Roughly 1,650+ citizens populate the small town of Gray. Every August they all gather for the annual celebration of farming, funnel cakes, and fun at the Appalachian Fair. On Friday nights you'll find the town cheering on Gray's nationally ranked high school football team!

4.What is your favorite movie?
For some reason when I open the pantry, my hand is drawn to the cookie jar! I’m trying my best to work on it but hey, nobody’s perfect!

5.What song makes you think of yourself?
Paris! Ah, oui! The fashion capital of the world! I have always been intrigued by the culture and language and am determined to visit. J’adore Paris!

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