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Jazmin Hampton

1.What is the funniest thing you believed as a child?
My favorite time of the year is the end of summer into the beginning of autumn. I love this time because my family goes on vacation to Myrtle Beach, my favorite place. Visiting is always a blast…the weather is not to hot or cold, it’s always perfect.

2.What is the one talent you wish you had?
Many people don’t know that I play the piano! It’s something that I don’t share often. It’s my escape. Whenever I need to clear my mind I play to lose myself. I am an accomplished classical pianist and I am in the works of publishing a music CD!

3.Other than your family, who is your biggest supporter?
Worcester, the second largest city in Massachusetts, is known as the “heart of the commonwealth”. Home of Polar Beverage headquarters and the smiley face, Worcester is a town full of history and life. There is so much to see and do. No wonder why it’s called little Boston!!

4.What is the best costume you’ve ever worn for Halloween?
My worst habit is getting nervous. Whenever I’m about to do perform or speak publically, I get nervous! My friends say that I perform all the time and I’m confident with everything I do, so I shouldn’t get nervous and yet I still get those butterflies in my stomach!

5.What song makes you 100% of the time want to dance?
I would love to travel to Africa. My goal is to become a Pediatrician and practice medicine abroad. I hear about many unfortunate events happening over there and how there’s little medical attention. One person can make a difference and my hope is to be that one.

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