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Vanessa Muff

1.What is your favorite food and why?
My favorite time of the year is when we take our family vacation. With our busy schedules and with my brothers in the army reserves, the end of the summer is the only time we can be together for a long period of quality time travelling together as a family.

2.What according to you is a perfect date?
Many dont know that Im diligent. I work hard to achieve my goals. Ive enrolled in programs such as Toastmasters International to improve my public speaking and communication skills, to attending leadership workshops and camps. Since elementary school Ive held an honor role status which is very important to me.

3.How do you like to spend your weekend?
Toronto is the capital city of Ontario, the province where I live. Toronto is a very diverse and multi cultural city. Famous tourist attractions are the CN Tower, Rogers Centre and the Eaton Centre. We are home to the Toronto Maple Leafs, Raptors, Blue Jays and the Argonauts sport teams.

4.When was the last time you went shopping and where to?
I always have to have my cell phone with me. I feel like Im missing something if its not in my hand or my purse. Im always texting on it. I guess you could say I suffer from cell phone addiction, which I think is a virus amongst us teens!

5.Do you think make-up is important and why?
I went to Hawaii with my friends family when I was twelve. Id love to travel there with my own family so they could take pleasure as I did in Hawaiis beautiful scenery, the culture and jump off the Black Rock cliff with me into the deep ocean below!

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