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Angel Cartwright - Top Ten

1.What is the funniest thing you believed as a child?
The sound of "Junkanoo" is my favorite sound. It is the national festival of The Bahamas and the pulsating music that accompanies it. This music brings people together (both locals and visitors) where there is dancing from midnight until the sun breaks over the horizon.

2.What is the one talent you wish you had?
If I could choose to have another talent, I would like to be a professional artist. The ability to portray ones thoughts and ideas on an empty canvas amazes me! I believe that art represents the creativity of the imagination and it's perhaps the perfect mode of self expression!

3.Other than your family, who is your biggest supporter?
My best habit is my constant yearning to learn or do something new. I am a true believer in the statement "you only live once, but if you do it right, once is all you need". Although I am daring that way, I am also very cautious!

4.What is the best costume you’ve ever worn for Halloween?
Yes. Absolutely! I make mistakes everyday! It is a part of the human experience. It is also those mistakes that help to mold and refine our lives, if we are wise enough to learn the lessons that come from them.

5.What song makes you 100% of the time want to dance?
My favorite food is Steamed Nassau Grouper. This dish is seasoned to perfection with lime and hot peppers, and then slowly cooked with a vegetable medley. This meal is popular at home and is enjoyed by Bahamians and visitors alike!

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