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Miss Teen California International®

Courtney Critz - 1st Runner-Up

1.What is your favorite food and why?
1. Volunteering is a passion for me. I especially enjoy volunteering for the benefit of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I am honored to say that Ive even visited St. Jude Children's Hospital in person. What an amazing experience that was.

2.What according to you is a perfect date?
2. I also get so much enjoyment from some silly little things in life, like finding license plate frames from different states. New York has to be the hardest one to find out on the West Coast, I've only seen it once.

3.How do you like to spend your weekend?
3. Im an avid giraffe lover. I enjoy how different they are.

4.When was the last time you went shopping and where to?
4. I am a big movie buff. I especially love the old ones, Judy Garland in "Meet me in St. Louis" is hands down one of my favorites.

5.Do you think make-up is important and why?
5. And lastly, my heart rules who I am. I just cant help it, but it is what makes me Courtney Critz, Miss Teen California International 2014

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